Using the Civano TV, DVD, Apple TV and HDMI Cables

This page contains links to the details of using the Civano Neighborhood Rotunda audio and visual equipment with the TV.


Quick Directions for the System

Directions for Using the Rotunda Audio/Visual Equipment

Operating the Components

LG DVD Player User Manual

Cisco 4742 HDC TV Set Top Box

Sound Bar – Energy Power Setup Guide

    Note; Do not attempt to control the sound level of the sound bar from the buttons on the front of it. It is controlled by the TV remote control.

FM Radio Station User Manual

    The system includes an FM radio broadcast station transmitting on 88.8 MHz. You can use your own FM portable radio or your smart device with earphones or ear buds to adjust your sound level to suit your needs. Your smart device needs an FM Radio app. These  apps typically require a wired head set to act as the antennae.

    You may notice some echo effects as you will be hearing some of the sound from the TV directly. Try covering your ears to minimize the effect.

Apple TV – 3rd Gen Setup – 2014-01-01