Note: If you discover errors in these instructions or want a clarification call:

Jerry Walker       461-6473

You can print this page from any internet-connected device that can access a printer by clicking on the Print icon at the top right corner of this page. The simplest of these devices will be your home computer.


Using the system is very similar to your audio/visual system at home if you have a DVD attached. Here we have three inputs; the DVD, the Apple TV and an HDMI cable (the 30’ long black cable that you will usually find on the floor that is used to connect PC’s and Android devices to the TV. This cable is connected to the TV; DO NOT REMOVE IT.

So, after turning on the TV, you must select the device to be connected to the TV. You make this selection by pressing the Input button on the upper left corner of the Visio remote control. When you press the button a list of devices drops down from the top of the TV screen. The items you are interested in are:

  • Apple TV – for all Apple products that can use the Air Play app (You must start the Air Play app on your device). The Apple TV controller box is on the shelf below the TV near the right end. It’s remote is the small silver device next to it and chained to the shelf. If you want to use the Apple TV learn how to use it by searching the Internet. The Apple TV box is ALWAYS powered on.
  • HDMI – the ¼” thick black cable with a standard HDMI connector on the end (about an inch wide) and three other short cables connected to the end of the cable that facilitates the use of the small HDMI connectors. Any device connected to this cable automatically has its audio and video connected to the TV. The short cables have a standard HDMI connector on one end and a small connector on the other. Connecting the HDMI connector that is one the long cable into one of the short cables lets you use one of the small connections.
  • Blu-Ray – the DVD/HD – the DVD is the box on the left end of the shelf. Its remote is the one marked LG. This device automatically turns off after a while of non-use; so you will have to turn it on. If your disk has more than one item on it you will have to select the desired one using the arrow buttons.
  • Cable – the common cable TV with a remote. The cable box remote is on the shelf under the TV.

The sound level is controlled by the Visio controller. DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTINGS ON THE SOUND BAR BELOW THE TV.


The system includes an FM radio broadcast station transmitting on 88.8 MHz. You can use your own FM portable radio or your smart device with earphones or ear buds to adjust your sound level to suit your needs. Your smart device needs an FM Radio app. These  apps typically require a wired head set to act as the antennae.

You may notice some echo effects as you will be hearing some of the sound from the TV directly. Try covering your ears to minimize the effect.


All smart devices can access the internet via the Community Center WiFi network. Two networks are available. The “Civano Community Center” network password is “7Generations”. Note the capital “G” and the “s” in 7Generations. The other network is “CivanoRotunda”. Its password is “7generations” – lowercase “g”. You will usually get a stronger signal on the CivanoRotunda network.