Welcome to the Civano neighborhood real estate listings. On this page you will enter a listing for your property. You will assign your property to one of three categories: Home for Sale, Home for Rent, and Casitas for Rent. When you enter your listing the Status will be Active. Other status’ are available (

Please review your information carefully before clicking the Submit button. After the Submit button is clicked, changes must be submitted to the website administrator using the What’s on your mind? form. If you submit listings to the Real Estate listings with some regularity, please contact us and we will set you up as a site user able to enter and edit the data you submit.

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Enter an MLS number or any other identifier. This is NOT a required field.
E.g., 10501 E. Seven Generations Way
Active status means that the listing is currently available for sale/rent.
Inactive status - Your listing remain in the database but will not appear to website visitors. When you are ready to put your property back on the rental send an email to the Real Estate Monitor Your listing will be sent to you, if you want, so you can review its content. This is the only status that will result in your listing not appearing to visitors.
Rented status can mean the same as Inactive. However, if you use the Rented status your listing will appear to site visitors.
You can change this date by clicking on it and choosing a new date.
Please list the sales price or monthly or weekly rental rate (for example: $250,000 or $1,200/month or $375/week). Be sure to enter $ - whole dollars only, no cents, so: $1,500 but not $1,500.00.
Please limit your description to one brief paragraph.
Enter an individual's name first, then company name if appropriate. You must enter a person's name.
Will be displayed with listing.
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Your email will not be displayed, but is needed for verification purposes. Whenever this listing is changed an email will be sent to this email address and the one below.
Whenever this listing is changed an email will be sent to this email address and the one above.
Please upload a photo of the home/casita. If the upload does not work for you, please email it to civano.homes@civanoneighbors.com. 2 MB max upload, .jpg format.
You may upload a second photo (we recommend the first be an exterior shot and the second an interior shot). 2 MB max upload, .jpg format.
This field is for sales only.