Shouting Out to Readers Everywhere!

By Jan Terry

Do you like to read interesting books?  Would you like to know what books are fun and interesting to read?  Would you like to talk to others about books that you read?  Civano Book Club may be for you.

Civano Book Club was started by Ardi Whalen in 2003.  “The best part about this book club is that I read books that I ordinarily would not have read”, says Ardi.   Currently, there are 15 members on the e-mail roster, some are winter visitors others live here year around.  Civano Book Club meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 pm (please note the new time) excluding July, August, and December.

The person who selects the book is the leader of the monthly discussion.  Sometimes members prefer to lead at the rotunda.  Other members prefer to lead in their home.

Members meet at the end of the year and offer monthly selections for the following year.

All genres of books are considered:  fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, finance, the classics, etc.  Last year we went to Afghanistan, Galveston, TX, Mongolia and Arizona.  And we visited the financial world, and the supernatural world.

The November book club selection is The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  Faye Vamvakias will be leading the discussion in her home. We do not meet in December.

Won’t you come and join us for the next book club meeting?  Bring a friend.  For more information call Jan Terry at 762-9016.

Civano Oktoberfest

When: Saturday, November 1, 2014 –  5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where: Civano Neighborhood Center – 10501 E Seven Generations

2014 Civano Oktoberfest

The 4th ANNUAL CIVANO OKTOBERFEST will feature the Musikmeisters Band, Tucson Cold Wet Noses Bake Sale, Free Face painting, Root beer Floats ($1 donation suggested), and an ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR with 14 Civano and local vendors located inside the Community Center.

This popular event is coordinated by Civano Neighbors Neighborhood Association and is funded by the Civano HOA.


Guests are requested to bring a side dish to share. Desserts are available through the TCWN bake sale.

Tables and chairs will be provided. Please bring your own beverage of choice. Water will also be provided.

We need help to set up and take down this popular event. Those wishing to volunteer are encouraged to contact Craig Geiger at 320-305-4576.

What to do when the sewer line in your house clogs!

By Jerry Walker

On Sunday, Oct. 5, 2013 one of the houses in North Ridge experienced a blockage in there sewer line. The water was in the shower and every time a little water was used in a sink it raised the water level higher. Not good.

Abacus Plumbing, across town, was willing to come to the house within an hour for $150/hr. (with a minimum of 2 hours) plus, travel time, in this case, of 40 minutes each way.

PVC pipe extension from the flapper to the surface

They showed up as promised and upon hearing the details went straight to the sewer clean-out cover in the front yard.Removing the cover, we could see a piece of PVC pipe about 6” from the surface. The technician began raising the PVC pipe and within seconds we could hear the water gushing through the drain. Problem fixed.  What he raised was a flapper device installed on the end of about 4’ of PVC pipe. The flapper device fitted into a retainer at the bottom of the pipe. It is designed to allow water to flow to the street but not return to the house – – what you might think of as a back-flow preventer in the house water system. The Technician cleaned the flapper and reinserted it. Total time on the job about 15 minutes. Total cost $310.

Flapper  with Debris
Six years of debris but no stoppage. This one has been in constant use for the six years.

The flapper was “glued shut” as it were from sewer debris. The Technician surmised that it was caused by the four months (these folks are away for the summer) of little water flowing through the pipe.

Flapper - Clean
Cleaned with a rag and hose. The yellow part is the flapper mounted to a black frame.

He also said that houses built within, at least, the last 10 years can be expected to have this device. Removing it and cleaning it is trivial. Wipe it with paper towels and rinse with the hose. The Technician’s caution was to make sure that the flapper inserted into its retainer. When I replaced ours I found that a little rotating and gentle pushing got it back in place. It’s retainer was on the house-side of the pipe coming to the surface.

Also, the DIY person must make sure that the flapper moves in the direction toward the street. Putting it in backwards guarantees water in your house, probably within a few hours or less.

The grossest part of the process was the discovery of roaches in the pipe. When the pipe was opened about 20 split for the bottom of the pipe. Perhaps, they were headed to a party.

Abacus Plumbing — E Hardy Rd. 327-6248

Civano Dental

By Sonya Hamblin

Civano DShawna Isola Picental Care is proud to announce a new addition to our team, Her name is Shawna Isola.

Shawna recently received her Dental Hygiene degree from Pima College. While at Pima College, Shawna worked closely with the nursing students, educating them on the Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease. Shawna did significant research on this topic and is eager to share her knowledge with the community.

Shawna enjoys hiking and walking with her husband Steve and her two dogs Lucy and Ila. She is very excited to join our amazing team at Civano Dental Care and is looking forward
To serving the community.

Congratulations to Shawa. She is getting married this weekend.


A Weaver and Her Loom

Written by Suzanne McAllister

I got my first taste of weaving when, as a teenager in high school in Australia, I took an elective class in home economics and part of the course was either sewing, knitting or weaving.  I chose weaving, as my efforts at knitting and weaving were woeful.  I was quite fascinated with it, but didn’t pursue it after that year as my interests went in a different direction …  and so over the years I forgot most of what I had learned.

Then 46 years later I was introduced to it again by a friend who was a weaver.  So the question then was … “to weave or not to weave” ?  I decided that the best way to find out would be to rent a loom to see if I liked it … it only took me a week or two to decide that this was a hobby that I could really immerse myself in, so I returned the rented loom and bought one.

At the time we lived in a two story floating home on the Columbia River in Portland.  The only space for the loom was on the second floor which presented a bit of a challenge as the only way up was via a quite narrow spiral staircase.  The loom, of course, was never going to make it up that way so in the end we removed the upstairs windows, and with a lot of ingenuity and the help of our neighbors on the dock, were able to manhandle it up there. And miraculously, it made it up there in one piece and with no damage.

Sixteen Years of Weaving
Sixteen Years of Weaving

So I was all set and ready to go, but decided that I really should take lessons … however, that didn’t work out so well as there was a 3 year waiting period to get into a class … no way was I going to wait that long … I had my loom  and I wanted to weave … now !!!  Off to the bookstore I took myself and I proceeded to read and read and learned a whole new vocabulary of “weave speak” … heddles, dents, treadles, warp and weft, reeds, “dressing”(setting up) the loom … to name a few.  Then after the “dressing” it was on to the actual weaving and after much trial and error I was able to finish a project that was acceptable.  And boy, then did I weave … kitchen towels, wall hangings, scarves, place mats, cloth for clothing, rugs, throw pillow covers … the choices and possibilities were endless, challenging and exciting.

Now, 16 years later my loom and I are still busy … maybe not at the same pace as when we first started (after all, we are both a bit older), but nevertheless I can still find projects that interest me and I still have the same passion for it.  I will never be a master weaver, but it’s unbelievable the amount of fun and satisfaction that loom has given me over the years.

Monsoon Madness – Sept. 8, 2014

Curb to Curb Water at Civano & Zenith

Everyone has been talking about wanting rain. Well, today, apparently is THE day. Yesterday the chance of rain was 90%; and nada. Today, it was 70%. Go figure!

Two to four years ago, during rains, we experienced substantial water flow from the back of the house along the side yards and into the street. During one rain, I sent a pic to my sister showing the water on the side of the house. Her come back was “Quick, sell. You have waterfront property”. One time, the drain holes through the front wall became clogged with debris and a small lake extending to within 10′ of the front of the house formed. At the wall the water was a foot deep.

Controlled Flooding at 10452 Sara Scarlet Loop (Northridge)

Then in November, two years ago, we expanded our patios, had the property grading improved, installed rock several inches deep throughout and installed two swales on one side of the house to retain as much of the rain water on the property. Well, we succeeded beyond any expectations we could imagine. Now, only a small amount of the water leaves the property and that is only after the swales overflow. So, what we have now during a hard rain is controlled flooding.

The side yard picture shows the swales full and just beginning to overflow toward the front. (The rain stopped about 10 minutes after this pic was taken.)  In the next picture, the water in the drain (Civano Blvd and Zenith) next to the house is flowing as fast as we have ever seen in our five years here. And, the street picture shows water curb-to-curb coming from the South-east (in the direction of the Community Center).

Well! We got what we asked for.

The Drain at Civano Blvd & Zenith

Civano Neighbors needs volunteers for the Octoberfest to be held on Nov. 1. Please join us.


Sign me up for the Oktoberfest occurring on Nov. 1. Please contact me.

Is Your Driver’s License Valid? Sound like a dumb question?

Written by: Jerry Walker with inputs from Ada

pic of highway
Have to have a valid license to drive this road

Well, when you realize that if you are 65 years or older, you must renew your driver’s license every five years – no problem!  Until you realize that you will not be notified of its pending expiration. So, here is an event in your life that occurs every five years, and you have no one keeping track – except yourself. Good luck with that!

We have been in Arizona for about 5 years, and it just never occurred to us to check for the expiration date, as we rarely need to show it to anyone. Ada was politely informed by a person at the bank a couple of days ago that her license had expired two months ago. She, of course, felt totally dumb! She came home in a small panic asking me about when mine was going to expire. Well, mine had expired five months ago.

So, what to do to recover? Ada called the DMV to learn about our options. They treated her in a condescending fashion, an action guaranteed to infuriate her. She was further told that we would have to submit a new license application and bring it with a birth certificate or passport to the DMV. An eye exam would also be required. As a quick aside we have learned that the every-five-years license renewal for seniors is a focus on an eye exam.

Anyway, Ada was at Noonan Physical Therapy and was told abouta third-party DMV facility with a significant time and aggravation-saving experience.

We went to Academy of Driving Motor Vehicle Center at 4733 E. Broadway Blvd. on the NW corner of Broadway and Craycroft. There we found very nice people, who immediately attended to our needs. We were totally engaged with them during the 40 minutes it took for them to process our paperwork, perform eye exams, take new pictures, and prepare temporary licenses – 20 minutes per person. Amazing, isn’t it? They did charge a small premium for their service.

Was the premium fee and the quick service worth it? YES! Particularly, since we discovered thatthe typical time recently at the DMV facility off 22nd Streetis SIX HOURS!!

Going forward, remember that license renewal must be done in person due to the eye exam requirement. And, that we all have to figure out a way to remember a rather important commitment that occurs every 5 years.