Learn the Art of Wood Carving

By Ralph Terry When the word carving comes to mind what do you visualize?  Would it be a branch cleaned of its bark to be used for a walking stick or a finally detailed bust of a person. You might have seen a carving of a bird or animal or [...]

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Shouting Out to Readers Everywhere!

By Jan Terry rajate2@hotmail.com Do you like to read interesting books?  Would you like to know what books are fun and interesting to read?  Would you like to talk to others about books that you read?  Civano Book Club may be for you. Civano Book Club was started by Ardi [...]

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A Weaver and Her Loom

Written by Suzanne McAllister I got my first taste of weaving when, as a teenager in high school in Australia, I took an elective class in home economics and part of the course was either sewing, knitting or weaving.  I chose weaving, as my efforts at knitting and weaving were [...]

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