Author: Civano Middle School Writer: Mollie Monger “I want that pile!” I said with conviction while playing Bao with my teacher. The one who taught me how to play months before. I learned how to play this game by watching my school teacher Marcus and my friend Annie play this game [...]

Build A Garden

Author: Civano Middle School Writer: Bentley I was done watching my indoor plants die from outgrowing the pots and not having a place to transplant them. That is when my dad and I started building our own outdoor garden. I researched and learned a lot about gardening and how to [...]

Surprise… Your Cat Can Talk

Author: Civano Middle School (CMS) Writer: Marina Rose SURPRISE….. Your Cat Can Talk. Your cat has an amazing mind since it can talk. Well guess what, all cats can talk by their body movements and you thought superheroes were cool, well guess what superheroes will never beat the cat superpower. Now [...]

March 7, 2015|Cats, Civano Life, Civano Middle School, CMS|1 Comment

How To Build A Chicken Coop On A Tight Budget

Author: Civano Middle School (CMS) Chicken Raisers Writer: Bridget Chickens, may not be as big as your dog or cat but they can be pets as well, and  they deserve just as much care as any other pet. However, chickens are animals who live outdoors and need a place to [...]