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The following neighborhood association working groups are headed up by volunteers who serve in either elected or ad hoc roles on the Civano Neighbors leadership team. If you would like to participate in a working group, please contact the working group chair. If you have a suggestion for another working group, please contact Civano Neighbors association spokesperson Anita Bhappu at 520.829.6611.

Aging in Community
Bob Small, Chairperson – 520.398.7100
Krista Gray, Neighborhood Association Liaison – 520.885.2712
Neighbor-helping-neighbor volunteer service program. Civano’s Aging in Community group provides assistance ranging from medical equipment to rides to doctor visits to elderly residents needing assistance, all on a volunteer basis.

Civano Legacy
Rick Hanson, Chairperson – 520.546.2928
The Civano Legacy working group ensures the history, documentation, and vision of Civano remain publicly available and in place. Also provides tours, as requested.

Al Nichols, Chairperson – 520.760.0380
The Environment working group coordinates environmental issues and pursuits, increasing environmental awareness for residents and other stakeholders.

Craig Geiger, Chairperson – 520.305.4576
The Communications working group is responsible for managing new neighbor welcome packets, welcome breakfasts, Saturday morning fellowship coffees, and communications to neighbors.

For further information, or to participate, please contact us.