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One of the benefits of having a neighborhood association—once consensus is reached to take a position—is representing an organized community. Civano Neighbors uses its stature as an official neighborhood association to take an active role in supporting or opposing activites that currently or will affect the Community of Civano and those areas within and surrounding the Civano Neighbors boundaries.

Taking Positions

Given Civano’s long-term plans, and anticipated growth along the Houghton Corridor, we anticipate the opportunity to take positions on a growing number of development, traffic, land use, commercial/industrial, and other activities. If you would like to inform Civano Neighbors of an activity that may impact our community, please contact us.

Position Statements and Letters/Statements of Support

The following position statements and letters/statements of support are available:


Civano Neighbors Position Statement on Civano Master PAD Formal Submittal


Civano Neighbors Final Position Statement—Six Outstanding Issues

Civano Neighbors Letter to Judith Kilroy/Fannie Mae Regarding Civano Neighborhood 1 Neighborhood Center

Civano Neighbors Letter to Pulte Homes Regarding Inadequate Time for Community Review of Draft Master Plan and PAD Before Public Meeting

Civano Neighbors Position Statement Regarding Elimination of Custom Lots/Homes for Civano Neighborhood 1

Civano Neighbors Leadership Team Statement of Concern Regarding Elimination of Custom Lots/Homes for Civano Neighborhood 1

Civano Neighbors Position Statement on Houghton Road Corridor Study Recommendations

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Civano Neighbors Response to Proposed Changes to Guiding Documents – Final Response Now Available

Civano Neighbors Letter of Support for Amended Sustainable Energy Standards, with Proposed Amendments

Civano Neighbors Letter of Concern for Proposed 2003/2004 City Budget; Letter of Support for Proposed Houghton-Irvington Regional Park

Civano Neighbors Letter of Support to Pulte Homes

Civano Neighbors Letter of Support for Cabezon Equestrian Center Zoning Variance

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Civano Neighbors Leadership Team Letter of Appreciation for Judith Kilroy, Community of Civano, LLC

Civano Community School (Neighborhood School) Statement of Support by Association Spokesperson

Civano Neighborhood I Desert Country Lots Letter to Civano Management (pre-Civano Neighbors)

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For further information, please contact us.