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Just as Civano and Sierra Morado are not typical neighborhoods, and Civano Neighbors is not your typical neighborhood association, so our Leadership Team is not a typical set of officers relying on parliamentary procedure to run meetings and make decisions.

The Civano Neighbors leadership team is a core group of elected representatives with both set and varying roles and responsibilities tied together under a consensus approach, coupled with a number of appointed positions, including the Town Crier editor, merchandise managers, working group chairs, and others

Elected Members

Name Position Telephone
Anita Bhappu Association Spokesperson & President 520.440.2327
Ada Walker Treasurer 520.461.6515
Tara Clayberg Member-at-Large 319.210.1686
Craig Geiger Member-at-Large
Membership Working Group Chair
Linda Green Member-at-Large 520.247.0493
Laura Hinyup Member-at-Large 520.336.9850 (Must enter 520)
Leota Shaner Member-at-Large 520.730.5761

Ad Hoc (Non-Elected) Members

Name Position Telephone
Jerry Walker Webmaster 520.461.6473
Susan Call Editor, Civano News/The Town Crier 520.886.2281
Ada Walker Merchandise Manager 520.461.6515
Rick Hanson Civano Legacy Working Group Chair 520.546.2928
Krista Gray Aging in Community Liaison 520.885.2712
Mare Smith Civano Business Network 520.296.5428

For additional information, please contact us.