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Civano Neighbors is a neighborhood association in southeast Tucson, Arizona, bounded by Irvington Road on the north, Pantano Wash on the east, Bilby Road on the south, and Harrison Road/Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on the west.

Civano intersection

Photo by Simmons Buntin.

Formed in April 2002, Bylaws were adopted by the general membership on August 28, 2002, and the first Leadership Team was elected on October 21, 2002. Civano Neighbors is officially recognized by the City of Tucson.

The purpose of Civano Neighbors is to provide a forum for community dialogue and a mechanism for community action to enhance sense of place, neighbor connectivity, and neighborhood quality of life for the residents and businesses within the boundaries of the Civano Neighbors neighborhood association.


The benefits of Civano Neighbors include:

  • Informed of City, development, traffic, and related decisions and activities within and adjacent to the neighborhood, as well as in southeast Tucson.
  • Entitled to free funding and technical assistance activities, including grant-seeking, workshops, youth employment programs, and action planning.
  • Receive free City services to enhance neighborhood communications — including annual meeting announcements.
  • Provides the broadest representation of and communication among Civano and Sierra Morado homeowners, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.
  • Allows Civano and Sierra Morado homeowners, businesses, and other stakeholders to communicate on a more leveraged basis with developers and homebuilders.


Civano Neighbors is open to all residents of all ages, all non-resident homeowners, and all businesses within our boundaries. Currently Civano Neighbors does not collect dues, though we do welcome sponsorships and donations to fund our services and activities. Contact us if interested.

Unlike traditional neighborhood associations, Civano Neighbors operates on a modified consensus process that allows all sides of an issue or proposal to be heard and discussed in a free exchange of information prior to reaching consensus and moving forward. Discussions are led by facilitators from the Leadership Team or the Civano Neighbors general membership, as appropriate.

For further information, view our Bylaws.

Goals and Objectives

Civano Neighbors goals and objectives change over time. The neighborhood association has established the following working groups to help define our direction toward goals and objectives:

If you are interested in participating in a working group, please Contact Us.

Additional working groups or tasks may be identified throughout the year.

Participation is Essential

Because of our consensus approach, active member participation is critical for our success. That participation begins with attending general meetings and then participating in working groups, tasks, and other Civano Neighbors activities.

Not sure where to begin? Contact any member of the Leadership Team.

For more information, please contact us.