Author: Civano Middle School (CMS)

Writer: Marina Rose

SURPRISE….. Your Cat Can Talk. Your cat has an amazing mind since it can talk. Well guess what, all cats can talk by their body movements and you thought superheroes were cool, well guess what superheroes will never beat the cat superpower. Now yes it does sound kind of crazy ( My teacher told me himself ) but it is true when they purr they are trying to talk to you so wake up and notice these things in life! some ways they talk to you is if their pupils are in slits they try to be intimidating towards you or other animals. They try to act like they are the boss. If it’s back is arched and tail is up it is mad. Cat communication is very important even if you don’t have a cat because if a cat approaches you you will know what they are trying to say to you. In some countries though, cats are not cherished as we them cherish, in Vietnam, Korea, and China, cat is on every menu, they don’t understand the way our cats feel and how special they are and how amazing. If they knew how to understand the cats, maybe they would love them, not eat them. The cat language has many different meanings to everything they say.