Author: Civano Middle School

Writer: Bentley

I was done watching my indoor plants die from outgrowing the pots and not having a place to transplant them. That is when my dad and I started building our own outdoor garden. I researched and learned a lot about gardening and how to make your local soil fertile.

My school had started building it’s own garden the year before I had all of my own gardening experiences and the school garden was in bad shape, so I got a few of my friends and we stepped up and helped lead in the process of rebuilding and adding onto the garden that was already there. First we dug out the in ground beds and started mixing our local dirt in with some compost for the soil for the beds. Then we built an above ground garden bed and did the same with the soil.

My school bought young plants, mostly tomato and pepper plants with some flower plants, and we planted them into the garden beds. then some of the plants were dying from lack of water, I researched and found out that our soil didn’t have enough clay so the water was just soaking right through the soil. A few months later we dug out two more garden beds and found that that dirt was around 80% clay. We mixed the clay in the garden beds, after we did that the overall soil quality improved, the soil absorbed the water much better, and it held together better.

Overall this was a great experience for me, I learned a lot and had fun, and that is how I built a garden.