MINI Cooper Owners


Author: Andy Delgardo-Keller

A proposed new club: Civano MINI owners. If you are interested in meeting fellow MINI enthusiasts, here’s your chance. Please email Andy at Please Add MINI to the subject line.

photoThe MINI Cooper has long been a car that is unique, as are their owners’ enthusiasm for them. I bought my first MINI in 2010 while living in Colorado. I was a member of the Colorado car club “MINI5280.” Our club hosted MINI’s in the mountains every summer with MINI Coopers attending from all 50 states, including Hawaii. We as MINI owners are often called Miniacs! Yes, it’s a great car to drive and personalize or as we like to say in the MINI Community “Youify.”

I am now a member of the “Arizona Dynamic MiNi Collective”. We are the Tucson club chapter called the “Madmen.” Because there are several MINI’s seen around Civano, I thought it would be fun to form a neighborhood club. Most MINI clubs focus on one or two charities that the members support. This could be the basis of our club along with fun outings for us Miniacs. Let’s give it a GO. Email me.