By Jerry Walker, Civano Neighbors Website Webmaster

As near as i can tell, today, after a week of effort, is the first time that the Civano Neighbors Forum has been updated since Simmons Buntin installed it; at least three years ago. Now that it is updated to the current release of the product, I will be learning about the features that we have not previously had available and implementing the good ones. I will report changes in the Civano Neighbors Website Forum Board; the one that appeas under the General Board.

One change that is definitely coming is to increase the amount of information gathered when a new person wants to become a member so as to make it easier for me to figure out who the good guys are; meaning Civano residents and associated and more easily identifty those trying to do us harm. Since I became the webmaster, two months ago, about 95% of the people who signup with the Forum turn out to be bad guys from all parts of the world. The day after I became the webmaster, we experienced a “denial of service attack” which means someone tried to penetrate our website by bombarding us with requests for pages on the site. Our site did not experience the crashes that you have heard about in the news but the traffic to our site was so high that our website host threatened to take the site down if we did not improve our security. It turned out that our security, implemented by Simmons, was exactly what our website host wanted. So, all was well, the website traffic went back to normal and life proceeded.

So, watch for changes and as always let me know what you think.