Curb to Curb Water at Civano & Zenith

Everyone has been talking about wanting rain. Well, today, apparently is THE day. Yesterday the chance of rain was 90%; and nada. Today, it was 70%. Go figure!

Two to four years ago, during rains, we experienced substantial water flow from the back of the house along the side yards and into the street. During one rain, I sent a pic to my sister showing the water on the side of the house. Her come back was “Quick, sell. You have waterfront property”. One time, the drain holes through the front wall became clogged with debris and a small lake extending to within 10′ of the front of the house formed. At the wall the water was a foot deep.

Controlled Flooding at 10452 Sara Scarlet Loop (Northridge)

Then in November, two years ago, we expanded our patios, had the property grading improved, installed rock several inches deep throughout and installed two swales on one side of the house to retain as much of the rain water on the property. Well, we succeeded beyond any expectations we could imagine. Now, only a small amount of the water leaves the property and that is only after the swales overflow. So, what we have now during a hard rain is controlled flooding.

The side yard picture shows the swales full and just beginning to overflow toward the front. (The rain stopped about 10 minutes after this pic was taken.)  In the next picture, the water in the drain (Civano Blvd and Zenith) next to the house is flowing as fast as we have ever seen in our five years here. And, the street picture shows water curb-to-curb coming from the South-east (in the direction of the Community Center).

Well! We got what we asked for.

The Drain at Civano Blvd & Zenith