Written by: Jerry Walker with inputs from Ada

pic of highway

Have to have a valid license to drive this road

Well, when you realize that if you are 65 years or older, you must renew your driver’s license every five years – no problem!  Until you realize that you will not be notified of its pending expiration. So, here is an event in your life that occurs every five years, and you have no one keeping track – except yourself. Good luck with that!

We have been in Arizona for about 5 years, and it just never occurred to us to check for the expiration date, as we rarely need to show it to anyone. Ada was politely informed by a person at the bank a couple of days ago that her license had expired two months ago. She, of course, felt totally dumb! She came home in a small panic asking me about when mine was going to expire. Well, mine had expired five months ago.

So, what to do to recover? Ada called the DMV to learn about our options. They treated her in a condescending fashion, an action guaranteed to infuriate her. She was further told that we would have to submit a new license application and bring it with a birth certificate or passport to the DMV. An eye exam would also be required. As a quick aside we have learned that the every-five-years license renewal for seniors is a focus on an eye exam.

Anyway, Ada was at Noonan Physical Therapy and was told abouta third-party DMV facility with a significant time and aggravation-saving experience.

We went to Academy of Driving Motor Vehicle Center at 4733 E. Broadway Blvd. on the NW corner of Broadway and Craycroft. There we found very nice people, who immediately attended to our needs. We were totally engaged with them during the 40 minutes it took for them to process our paperwork, perform eye exams, take new pictures, and prepare temporary licenses – 20 minutes per person. Amazing, isn’t it? They did charge a small premium for their service.

Was the premium fee and the quick service worth it? YES! Particularly, since we discovered thatthe typical time recently at the DMV facility off 22nd Streetis SIX HOURS!!

Going forward, remember that license renewal must be done in person due to the eye exam requirement. And, that we all have to figure out a way to remember a rather important commitment that occurs every 5 years.