By: Ada Walker – August 2014

In January friends of Jerry’s and mine in Southern California introduced us to their new hobby – growing vegetables in a VegTrug from Gardners Supply. They were having so much fun, and we were immediately addicted! We ordered a VegTrug along with many other items available from Gardeners Supply. Our friends sent us a book “Extreme Gardening, How To Grow Organic in the Hostile Deserts” (wonderful book), and we were off and running! We started simply with plants from Civano Nursery – several types of lettuce, celery, kale, onions, scallions and garlic, and a few strawberry plants. Vegies that were easy to grow, and we had some success, especially with the lettuce, kale and green onions. e                

Civano - Ada's Winter Garden - March 2014

Winter Garden – March 2014

Summer Garden – July 2014









Then we planted a summer garden. Our eggplant and bell peppers were so prolific that we had a hard time keeping up with the harvest. We have several meals of eggplant parmesan and slices of cooked eggplant in the freezer, and we have also frozen many peppers. Our 3 basil plants produced many batches of pesto sauce – also in the freezer – and many containers of dried herbs as well. We feel like true farmers. We are planning our next winter garden using the Gardeners Supply online program, as we also have a raised bed in another area of our yard. This winter we’re going to try growing from seeds. Lots of fun!

Bell Peppers – July 2014

Eggplant – July 2014