Written by: Ada Walker

With the encouragement of Eric at Civano Nursery – and just for fun – on June 12 I planted red okra seeds in a large empty pot. Eric told me that the plant was really beautiful. I decided that even if I didn’t get an okra harvest, I would have a pretty plant for the summer months. Well, I kept 2 plants in the pot, and they have really red stems, big green leaves, and large bright yellow blossoms. In addition to how pretty it is, I have had enough okra 3 times for a dinner side dish. The okra in the picture here will be on tonight’s menu.

IMG_2549 - small

Today’s Okra Harvest









Since one side of my family is from the South, I have had fried okra many times. Most people turn up their noses, because they have been told that it is slimy, and they don’t know how to cook it. The red okra surprisingly was not slimy, and all I do is mix cornmeal with a tiny bit of flour, toss the sliced okra rounds in a tiny bit of milk (to actually make it slimy), coat the okra with the cornmeal, and sauté in a bit of olive oil. It’s really delicious.


Notice how pretty the blossoms are.