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By the Editor

Articles and stories about the changing demographics appear almost daily in the news media, and we should be thinking about the effect this will have on Civano. Numerous sources are predicting population redistribution from suburbs into urban centers, leading to a decline of the suburbs which are becoming more like the old urban ghettos of the not-too-distant past. This has implications for Civano and for its residents.

A number of us here were among the earliest residents and somehow we have grown older along with the development. A growing concern among some of us is how we might remain in our homes here as we become less able to care for ourselves. Some of us here are already in that situation.

Currently we do have an all-volunteer organization, Aging in Community, which was organized under the auspices of the Pima County Council on Aging. This means that our group, AIC, must report monthly on the services provided. To be clear, those services are usually short-term or on-going, but are not meant to be permanent. This may mean trannsportation to appointments, to the airport, or for grocery shopping, to give a few examples. Or it could mean a phone call or visit to be neighborly. No one wants to become a burden, and none of our “caregivers” wants to be taken advantage of. If long-term care is required, it is still up to the individual or that person’s family to arrange for it.

For someone who has a need for the loan of a walker, or wheelchair, or some other assistive equipment, do check out the devices that AIC owns and will loan at no charge. We also have access to many other things you may need when you are temporarily inconvenienced by an accident or illness. When you find yourself in such a situation, contact Krista Gray, and she may be able to accommodate you.

Aging in Community may be the longest-running organized group within the Civano neighborhood. It was intended to connect volunteers with fellow Civano residents in need of help, to provide short-term services that volunteers could do for other residents on an occasional basis. And it was hoped, that in doing so, friendships could be forged. At one time we had more residents available to help than we had requests for assistance; however, this is no longer the case.

Occasionally people do have unrealistic expectations of AIC and want it to provide assistance with difficult tasks, such as household chores, or something that may require a professional. As you are considering whether you could volunteer to be on call for a service, you might remember that someday you may need to be on the receiving end. Now is the opportunity to “pay it forward” and volunteer. We would be happy to increase the pool of available volunteers, especially drivers.We would also like to hear about any neighbors who need assistance.

Volunteering is easy to do. Give our AIC services manager, Krista Gray, a phone call to let her know you are available as needed or on an occasional basis. Her number is 885-2712. You will be glad you made the effort!