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By Susan Hamilton

Coming soon: Harriet's Cafe!Harriet’s Café, Near the Civano Neighborhood Center

How many times have we heard, “If only Civano had a coffee shop!” It’s been more than ten years since there was a coffee shop in our neighborhood, but the wait is almost over. Harriet’s Café hopes to open by early October, offering coffee, tea, slushies, sodas, ice cream, pastries and other snacks.

The coffee shop at the intersection of Civano Boulevard and Seven Generations has the perfect space for gathering with neighbors and friends – an inviting and expansive front porch, comfortable inside seating area with WiFi, and roomy back patio with umbrella-covered tables and chairs.

Victor and Carol Dominick, the proprietors of Harriet’s Café, are excited about having a coffee shop in Civano. “Opening a coffee shop is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 40,” Carol says. “We moved from Maryland to Tucson for this opportunity.” The Dominicks came to Civano a year ago for a vacation and loved it so much (including our summer weather) that they decided to sell their house and relocate to Civano.

So just who is Harriet? She’s a rare cat – a Sphynx, to be precise. Curious, friendly and handsome, she’s the perfect mascot for Civano’s new coffee shop.

“This is a community coffee shop, and when we first open there’s going to be some learning so we’ll depend on the patrons giving us valued feedback,” says Victor. Harriet’s Café, at 5278 S. Civano Blvd., will be open 7 days a week from 6 a.m.until, as Victor says, “the crowds die down.”

Civano Exercise Studio, Opening Behind Harriet’s Café

When the Yoga House at Civano closed in July, many people were sorry that this local establishment was no more. Now there’s a cozy exercise studio now open behind Harriet’s Café. The Civano Exercise Studio offers Stretch and Strength, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi classes taught by familiar faces (Susan Hamilton and Monica Eng) as well as new instructors who bring a thorough understanding of their exercise methods together with an appreciation for our community spirit.

“It’s exciting to have a new exercise place in Civano,” says longtime Civano resident Judyth Willis. “My friends and I are especially looking forward to having a beautiful space here for Susan’s Stretch and Pilates classes.”

All classes are geared to active adults and seniors, with a flexibility that accommodates each person’s needs. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere distinguishes classes at this neighborhood studio, mirroring our unique community. The Civano Exercise Studio is a place where people from inside and outside of Civano come to exercise and socialize. And they’ll be able to continue their get-togethers after class at Harriet’s Café.

The Civano Exercise Studio is open Monday through Saturday with morning, afternoon and evening classes available. See for details on many of the class offerings. Civano Exercise Studio is accessed through Harriet’s Café and its back patio.