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By Jerry Walker

Installing the horshoe pitAbout a month ago, six devoted male members of the coffee group that meets Monday, Wednesday. and Friday assembled by the Community Garden to construct the first-ever community horseshoe pit. The construction crew, led by Ron Canady and composed of Mel Harrington, Jerry Walker, Mark Levine, Bob Small, and Manny Cabranes, turned out at 5:30 a.m.on July 24.

Hard workers all, they dug two holes about 3’ square and 6” deep, installed the wood frames, the stakes (set in concrete cans previously built by Ron), and the backboards (also built by Ron: what a guy!) Finally, the first phase of the job was cleaned up. The sand was added on Thursday morning.

Nobody was close enough to anyone else to know if we all arrived on the job smelling good. No one wanted to know what he smelled like by the time the work was done! But, best of all there were no complaints about the early hour — well, maybe one.

Ron gets a big thanks for developing the idea and carrying it through to get it approved by the DRC, CCAA, the HOA Board, and Civano residents. It was a several months exercise in his commitment to the idea.

All funding for this venture came from the coffee meeting funds; no funds were provided from the Civano HOA. The next project is the construction of the bocce ball court. This is planned to begin in the next few weeks.

Note:  in the photos, Supervisor Ron is giving detailed directions to the team.

Photos by Jerry Walker.