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By Susan Becque


After a day of wild encounters at Civano, Sadie is all smiles.

It was a cool, crisp October day when I decided to take a morning walk with my mini-dachshund, Sadie. I put on some sun screen, my straw hat, and attached Sadie’s leash to her collar. Off we went for our stroll.

We walked about a mile enjoying the beautiful trees, clean air, and sightings of quail families.

As we approached the intersection of Civano Boulevard and Cerulean, I noticed what appeared to be a dog standing on the corner. Walking closer, I realized it was a young, very lean coyote. We froze. It turned, looked at us, and then headed back down Cerulean. Sadie and I quickly retreated north on Civano Boulevard.

With relief we reached the north pool. We were safe and close to home. Suddenly, a huge rat came out of the bushes and ran over my foot! I screamed and the poor rat jumped in horror and quickly retreated back to the bushes.

I composed myself, and said to Sadie, “Enough excitement for the day. Let’s go home and take a nap.”

We walked a block and were safely home, but the excitement was only beginning. I walked into the garage to empty some garbage. Sadie followed and began to scratch around some boxes. Soon I saw she was after a lizard. The lizard came out; Sadie pounced, and swallowed the lizard whole, leaving nothing but its quivering tail on the floor. She seemed very pleased and spent the rest of the day contentedly napping.

Horrified, I spent the rest of the day observing her for any signs of toxicity, but she was happy as any dog could be after killing her prey in the wilds of Civano.