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Participating in the Civano Neighbors Forum comes with obligations

March 8, 2015|

The following words are taken verbatim from the Civano Neighbors Forum new user registration page. It is being published here to serve as a reminder to all of the Civano Neighbors visitors that our Forum and the Civano News/Town Crier have a set of loose standards which everyone is expected […]


March 7, 2015|

Author: Civano Middle School
Writer: Mollie Monger
“I want that pile!” I said with conviction while playing Bao with my teacher. The one who taught me how to play months before. I learned how to play this game by watching my school teacher Marcus and my friend Annie play this game for thirty […]

Build A Garden

March 7, 2015|

Author: Civano Middle School
Writer: Bentley
I was done watching my indoor plants die from outgrowing the pots and not having a place to transplant them. That is when my dad and I started building our own outdoor garden. I researched and learned a lot about gardening and how to make your […]

Surprise… Your Cat Can Talk

March 7, 2015|

Author: Civano Middle School (CMS)
Writer: Marina Rose
SURPRISE….. Your Cat Can Talk. Your cat has an amazing mind since it can talk. Well guess what, all cats can talk by their body movements and you thought superheroes were cool, well guess what superheroes will never beat the cat superpower. Now yes it […]

How To Build A Chicken Coop On A Tight Budget

March 7, 2015|

Author: Civano Middle School (CMS) Chicken Raisers
Writer: Bridget
Chickens, may not be as big as your dog or cat but they can be pets as well, and  they deserve just as much care as any other pet. However, chickens are animals who live outdoors and need a place to live that […]

Patty Pickle: Therapy Dog

March 7, 2015|

Author: Civano Middle School
Writer Ember
Hello! My nickname is Ember, and I’m a student editor from Civano Middle School. We have recently gotten a therapy dog who stays at the school with us all day. Her name is Patty Pickle, and she’s a yellow lab. Patty was training to be a […]

MINI Cooper Owners — UNITE

February 21, 2015|

MINI Cooper Owners


Author: Andy Delgardo-Keller

A proposed new club: Civano MINI owners. If you are interested in meeting fellow MINI enthusiasts, here’s your chance. Please email Andy at Please Add MINI to the subject line.

The MINI Cooper has long been a car that is unique, as are their owners’ enthusiasm […]

Bob Small To Host a Travel Party at the Civano Activity Center

November 3, 2014|

As you may know, Helga and I travel with Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Travel often, and this party is a chance to share our love of travel with you.

A representative of the company will be giving a video presentation about unique and exciting travel opportunities, and share travel advice and tips. […]

Learn the Art of Wood Carving

October 29, 2014|

By Ralph Terry

When the word carving comes to mind what do you visualize?  Would it be a branch cleaned of its bark to be used for a walking stick or a finally detailed bust of a person. You might have seen a carving of a bird or animal or a […]

Civano Neighbors Forum was Updated Today – a Significant Milestone for the Site

October 27, 2014|

By Jerry Walker, Civano Neighbors Website Webmaster

As near as i can tell, today, after a week of effort, is the first time that the Civano Neighbors Forum has been updated since Simmons Buntin installed it; at least three years ago. Now that it is updated to the current release of […]